Deep Center changed my life. It gave me passion and a purpose.

I know Deep better than most people. I am a graduate of Deep Center’s middle school program, the Young Author Project, and a current member of its high school program, Block by Block. I was voted the best young author in Chatham County in 2016 and became Deep Laureate.

Deep is the best thing that’s happened to me. Since my first day in Deep, the staff members were super supportive. They taught me how to write for me. For Deep, there is nothing more important than making sure students are proud of what we write.

Deep is like a bubble of creativity and support where I always feel safe. I can spend an entire school day hating school, but it is always worth it because I know that after school, in Deep, I will be able to vent and write without judgement about whatever is on my mind.

In Deep, I feel like I am being taken seriously. My Deep writing mentors never look at me as a child. They help me more than some of my teachers ever have. Deep gave me a voice. And my voice has been heard so many times, by probably 1,000 people or more at many Deep live readings across the city! And Deep has published seven of my written works in four different books. Because of Deep, I’ve been on television, and my stories and poetry have been published in newspapers. As Deep Laureate, I spoke and performed at numerous community events, including a meeting of the Savannah City Council and a community forum on the immigrant experience.

Deep has made me grow not only as a writer, but as a person. It’s taught me it’s all right to express my feelings rather than keeping them bottled up. Deep has also opened up a whole new world of creative expression that I didn’t even think existed. It has made me a lot happier than I’d been for a very long time. And I now spend my time watching poetry slams and trying to explain to everyone who’ll listen why writing is so important.

Deep is an amazing program, led by amazing people. I’m eternally grateful for them. Deep Center is 10 years old this year, and they need your help.

Please help Deep run programs in 2019. We want to raise $50,000 by December 31, and you can help by making a donation. Just click here to give through Deep’s website.

Deep changed my life. Now you can help Deep!




Krystell Sanchez Romero
Sophomore, Sol C. Johnson High School