Well, well, well, wassup? My name is Dekevian George, but since people can’t remember that, they call me Dee (but my family calls me Kevee—that’s KeeVee). Anyway, I’m 5’4” and yes, I know, I’m short, but who’s measuring, am I right? So, I love YouTube, and I am a YouTuber. The YouTube channels I get inspiration from are Ar’mon and Trey and Perfect Laughs. They teach me not to care what anybody thinks about me. Reach for the stars! I mean, c’mon, how could you not like them? They bought their dream cars at 18, 20, and 21, and they’ve all got a house in an elite neighborhood. Anyway, give me three years, and I’ll be one of the biggest YouTubers ever. Let’s bet on it. One hundred dollars. I’m confident, as you can tell. I love music and basketball, even though I’m not that good. I’m fairly good at football. Anyway, whatever you do, do it with heart and passion, because you never know who’s watching. —Kevee

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