I am a living, breathing irony. I am the nicest rude person you’ ll meet. I don’t care about anything, but I stress over everything. I hate everyone, but I also love and care about everyone. I hate myself, but I’m also the must fabulous person I’ve met. Also, standing at 4’ 11.6,” I’m height-deficient. This makes for awkward hugs. Also, any kind of kitchen activity is a struggle. And I’m very spontaneous. Well, actually, I’m just a huge procrastinator, but I think “spontaneous” sounds less terrible. I want to be a writer, film director, or just a really cool adult. I will not become another 9 to 5-er. I think I’ d be a husky if I were an animal. I’m a loner, but when I make friends, they’re friends for life. I like being in the lead, but I don’t like attention. I want to make sure all of my pack is safe, but I also have to watch out for myself. And, finally, I want to live on the moon. No particular reason, it just sounds rad.

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