Action Research Team

Innovative research, creative transformation, and leadership.

The Action Research Team (ART) is one of two pathways for Deep’s Youth Leadership Team, alongside the Slam Team. Up to ten young leaders who have completed at least a year of Block by Block make up ART. They take to the streets as researchers, artists, creative writers, and organizers to identify and understand the policies and systems affecting our communities, and they advocate for change.

At the ART’s core is participatory action research, a process of research and community engagement that enables youth to unpack Savannah’s past and present, speak out on critical issues affecting their families, friends, and neighborhoods, and ultimately transform Savannah.

In addition to working locally, ART members travel across the country, sharing with, learning from, and strategizing for change with peers and leaders in like communities nationwide.

In collaboration with Deep’s Policy Action Committee, the Action Research Team will, in 2019, help to inform the publication of Deep Center’s first policy brief. The brief will make recommendations for legislative and administrative policies that will make Savannah a safe place for working class youth, youth of color, and other marginalized young people.