Born in New York but raised in Savannah, Raphael is an Egyptian-American activist and writer who graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Political Science and International Affairs. Much of his academic career was spent advocating for oppressed peoples and marginalized communities, both around the world and in the United States. As a member of the largest Christian minority in the Middle East, Raphael has conducted research on state violations of physical integrity rights for the Sub-National Analysis of Repression Project and worked with Eshhad: Center for the Protection of Minorities to aggregate and collate sectarian incidents throughout Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. He dedicated his time at the University of Georgia to Palestine solidarity work and community organizing, where he co-founded the Progressive Action Coalition, and organized marches, protests, and rallies to advocate for marginalized youth, local workers, and recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

In addition to his work supporting Deep’s Action Research Team, participatory action research across programs, and organizational communications and outreach, Raphael serves as a media and programming subcommittee member for National Students for Justice in Palestine to organize annual conferences and quarterly newsletters. A former Young Georgia Authors Contest finalist, he strives to uplift the creations of individuals and groups who have experienced trauma, crafting social media campaigns and storytelling initiatives via workshops, panel discussions, and creative branding.

He is best friends with his cat, Olive, and enjoys hookah, Disney music, and love-centered conversations about politics in pursuit of an equitable world and an equitable Savannah.

Raphael has attended the Red Clay Writing Project’s Summer Institute, a site of the National Writing Project at the University of Georgia, Athens, and is a National Writing Project Teacher-Consultant.