Coco Papy is a community organizer, policy nerd, and born-and-bred Savannahian who came home to do the work. As Deep’s Director of Development and Communications, she works to shine the spotlight on the young people who are leading the way to a more just and equitable Savannah and push forward grassroots-created policy, advocacy, and legislation. She has a long history with Deep, starting out as an educator in the Young Author Project.

She is involved in numerous groups that work across the state of Georgia, serving as a board member of the Planned Parenthood Southeast C4 policy team, co-founder of the Political Rascals PAC, a Highlander Education Center Greensboro Justice Fellow, a PEN Prison Writing Fellow, an acting member of the state PAC, Georgia Win List and a graduate of People for the American Way’s Front Line Leaders Academy, which trains leaders around running on and implementing in office equitable and just policy.

She is a practitioner of Kingian non-violence and trauma-informed, anti-oppressive de-escalation, and serves as a legal observer for the ACLU of Georgia and for the National Lawyer’s Guild as part of their mass defense support.  She likes big systems change and she cannot lie.