2019 Appeal



You can give to Deep today!

After ten years of building and innovating, Deep is in a place to effect lasting and widespread change for Savannah.

Deep’s success is due, in part, to the handiwork and love of people like you. Deep’s community was there there right at the start. Deep Center has the opportunity to build an organization that lasts for a very long time and solidifies our place as a model for helping young people not only in Savannah but across the nation.

Give now, and be part of the whole new story that Deep’s community is writing for Savannah.

Deep never charges young people or their families for participation in our workshops. Your gift can bring Deep’s award-winning programming to talented young authors in our community. There are several ways to support Deep.

Donate Online

Give Through Our Online Portal Here

Donate By Mail

Mail a check to:

Deep Center
P.O. Box 5582
Savannah, GA 31414

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Deep’s Supporters


Carol Andrews

Keith Howington

Rebecca Gibb

Susan Arshack

Elizabeth Killingsworth

Marriott Bartholomew

Meghan McDermott

Sarah Bates

Joyce McDonald

Jordan Chase

Ashley O’Brien

Christian Peterson

Jo Dasher

Alexander Rothmeier

Ben Dombroski

Kellyn McGee

Matthew R. Usher

Pilar Valdes

Ruth Valentine

Mary Villeponteaux and David Wheeler

Julie Wade

Lisa Wood

Ann Woolner

Major Individual Donors and Family Foundations

The John M. Adler Family Foundation

Cort and John Atkinson

Kristen and Robert Bernstein

Peter and Pamela Voss

Margaret and Bobby Minis

Doranne and William Coad

Craig and Marla Cocalis

Beth Vantosh

Marti and Austin Sullivan

G.M. and V.T. Maxwell

The Chatham Foundation

John Sweet

Alfred and Dede Mays

Shepherd’s Gift Foundation

Doreen and Lionel Goldfrank

Mr. and Mrs. Myles Gillespie

Paul Selker

Chad Faries

Courtney Knight Gaines Foundation

Cynthia and Dwaine Willett

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jepson Jr.

John P. Hellstrom and Linda L. Hellstrom

J.C. Coleman Foundation

Diane and Edward Schmults

Jackie and Stephen Rabinowitz

John G. Kennedy Foundation

Barbara and Charles Cortese

Howard J. and Mary R. Morrison

Downtown Neighborhood Association

Mary Lane Morrison Foundation

Donald and Kaye Kole

Mrs. Darrell Dukes

Denise and Bill Thompson

Bruce Rado

Linda J. Evans

Turner Ratrie

Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation

St. Thomas Episcopal Church Thrift Store

Bill and Nina Weil (The Flying Horse Foundation)

Gardner Family Foundation

Cathy and Philip Solomons

The Alan S. Gaynor Fund

Staples Foundation

Theodora Gongaware

Strain Family Charitable Foundation

Jane Griffin and Matt Prickett

Suwyn Family Foundation

Lorill and Patrick Haynes

Hancock Family Foundation

Johanna Anderson Trueblood Foundation

Hodge Foundation

The Michael Valentine Fund

Pat and Scott Killingsworth

Grant Winthrop

Jeff and LeeAnn Kole